The Heart of St. Louis Annual Appeal

In the Heart of Austin, Always in the Heart of Christ!

St. Louis Catholic School is committed to providing a quality, affordable Catholic education for students in and around the Austin area. Providing a quality program, however, results in a difference between what is paid in tuition and the actual cost to educate each child. Thankfully for decades St. Louis Catholic School has been faithfully supported by countless who have given precious resources to ensure that we continue this tradition.

Several years ago, the Annual Fund for St. Louis Catholic School was created to help bridge this financial gap. This year, it will cost $8,656 to educate one student at St. Louis, with $6,360 covered by tuition. This leaves a remaining gap of $2,296 per student. This is why the resources provided by the Heart of St. Louis Annual Appeal, formerly the Annual Fund, are so important and that’s where you can help us.

With the Heart of Christ, we continue to educate the whole child in academics and in the Catholic faith. With the Heart of Christ, we continue to provide a well-rounded education for our students from Pre-K through 8th grade. With the Heart of Christ, those who founded this church and school, worked diligently to ensure that each child who graduates from our school has a strong foundation in Christian values. Heather Kalamarides, parent of Christopher, 6th grade, and alumni Sophia and Andrew, expressed her gratitude for just such values, sharing, “St. Louis Faculty has given all of my children the opportunity to grow and develop their own unique God given abilities and prepared them well for high school.”

We invite you to ensure that the Heart of St. Louis tradition of providing a quality education, rooted in the Catholic faith lives on.