A Letter from Our Principal

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Dear St. Louis Families,

I started at St. Louis on May 2nd, 2016 and was immediately impressed with a number of positive attributes. God has truly blessed me in leading me here. St. Louis Catholic School is a great place to go to school and to come to work.

During the early months, I spent hours listening to parents, teachers, students and conducting observations. I am happy to report the following positive attributes:

  • There exists at St. Louis a strong sense of Catholic family values.
  • There is an unbelievably strong parent support component.
  • Spiritual development of students is fundamentally sound. Currently students attend weekly Mass and weekly Devotionals as well as daily prayer and reflection. Religion is taught to all grade levels and staff model Catholicity. Students are organized into mixed grade Faith Families which meet regularly.
  • The school is supported by a pastor deeply committed to providing the parish with the best. All St. Louis priests are highly visible with students and parents.
  • The most recent administered ACRE (Assessment of Catechesis/Religious Education) indicate that St. Louis students are well above the national rank in all domains in every grade level assessed.
  • A review of cognitive abilities data (CoGat) indicates that the student body has abilities that are in the upper distribution of a statistical bell curve. (Most schools would have a wider discrepancy of abilities).
  • A review of achievement data (ITBS) indicates that SLCS students predominately score above the norm and show above the norm growth. ITBS collective scores reviewed by content areas indicate a competitive student body when compared to private schools in Texas and the Diocese of Austin.
  • The above evidence indicates that our students, if given the opportunity, are indeed capable of achieving at even higher levels.
  • Teachers work diligently with students and students are compliant. There are minimal interruptions to learning attributed to student misbehavior.
  • Although St. Louis Catholic School is in the midst of celebrating sixty years in existence, the buildings are well maintained. The plentiful grounds (19+ acres) are gorgeous and contribute to an environment conducive to learning.
  • Students participate and/or perform well in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities such as athletics, choir, band, robotics, PSIA (Private School Interscholastic Association), and science fairs (local and regional).
  • An extended program is offered to families who are in need of quality after hours care.
  • One-to-one device (Chromebooks) are available to all students in grades 3-8, and in grades PK-2 students have a five to one ratio of devices (iPads) available.
  • Spanish is offered to all grade levels beginning with pre-kindergarten students.

My goal over the next several years is to transform this solid Catholic school into a destination school. Efforts to transform St. Louis Catholic School have already begun with an aggressive strategic plan. The first phase of this plan began in the fall with the development of a “Beyond the Bell” enrichment program, a daily math fluency program, increased opportunities for parent participation, enhancement of the Faith Family model to include a positive behavior support program, and teacher training in curriculum alignment and evidence based instructional practices. The second phase will bring even more to St. Louis Catholic School with a determination to increase project based learning and to build a strong STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) program.





Cindy R. Gee
St. Louis Catholic School