Your Support Matters

The St. Louis Catholic School community relies on the generosity of those who believe in the value of a Catholic education. Countless benefactors, supporters and alumni have given generously of their time, treasure and talent to ensure that our school still thrives. As a private, parochial school, St. Louis operates without financial support from local, state or federal government agencies. Our school is sustained entirely by tuition income, The Heart of St. Louis Annual Appeal, and community fundraising events.

Easy Ways to Support SLCS

Cash Donations

As a designated non-profit organization, any gift to St. Louis Catholic School may be tax deductible.

Donation FAQs

Is my donation(s) tax deductible?

As a designated non-profit organization, any gift to the St. Louis Catholic School Trust Fund may be tax deductible.

How can I leave a legacy for the children?

By leaving a legacy through a gift in your will, pre-tax retirement plan or life insurance policy, you can help the St. Louis Catholic School Trust Fund provide quality academic and spiritual learning, recruit and retain a premier faculty, and promote ongoing growth and enrichment for the school.

What type of donation(s) can I give?

Leaving a gift to the St. Louis Catholic School Trust Fund is a decision that is entirely yours to make. Many individuals set aside a certain dollar amount through their will; others leave a percentage of their estate or any assets that may be remaining after their family has been provided for through the estate. Some people give something they own, such as a car or their home. Others leave a paid-up life insurance policy.
Cash: A gift of cash is simple to make, immediately effective and easily designated for our current needs. Cash contributions may be deducted up to 50% of your adjusted gross income. Individuals also can choose to give from their current income through a pledge payable over a 1-5 year period.
Securities and Real Estate: Stocks, bonds and other securities may be donated at today’s market value, as can Real Estate and other personal property. This includes residences, farms, vacant land and vacation homes. Collectibles, such as coins, stamps, antiques and paintings, are also welcome gifts.
Give a gift of stock or real property and benefit in two ways. First, such a gift, if held longer than twelve months, can be deducted at its full fair-market value. Excess donations can be carried into as many as five additional tax years if necessary. Secondly, the sale of appreciated property generates a capital gain upon which you are taxed. However, if you make a gift of it, you pay no capital gains tax.
Bequests: Donors may find it convenient to designate a gift through their estate planning. A bequest in your will is a written instruction that disposes of some or all of the property controlled by the will. You may designate a specific cash amount, percentage of your estate, real estate or other property as a gift to the Trust Fund.
Beneficiaries: Donors may make the St. Louis Catholic School Trust Fund the beneficiary of existing or new life insurance policies. In such cases, insurance premiums may be tax deductible.
Trusts: A trust arrangement allows the donor to retain a lifetime income from cash or property transferred to the Endowment Fund as well as realizing current tax benefits.

Whom do I contact to learn more, or to make donation arrangements?

For information about making a donation to the school, please contact Director of Development and Advancement, Jessica Chaffee at (512) 614-6622 x 296.