There are many opportunities for students to explore their interests and talents beyond the classroom at SLCS.  There are programs available for students in all grade levels to enhance the learning environment and add to the well-rounded education they receive.



Our library supports the St. Louis Catholic School curriculum and provides a well-balanced collection of print and non-print materials.  Our goals are to stimulate curiosity; enhance reading and research skills; inspire creative and critical thinking; and provide access to literature and information in both the library and the world beyond.

The library sponsors a number of reading incentive programs. Students are encouraged to read books from yearly award sets: Gallery (Gr. 1-3), Bluebonnet (Gr. 3-6), and Lectio (Gr. 4-8).




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Part of our mission statement is to “prepare the leaders of tomorrow.”  SLCS develops and encourages leadership activities through a variety of organizations and school activities including:

* National Junior Honor Society
* Student Council
* Duke Talent Identification Program
* Student Ambassadors
* Faith Families



Academic Enrichment


We offer more than just a classroom education at SLCS, There are many opportunities for students to explore their interests and cultivate their talents during the school day and in after school activities:

* Private Schools Interscholastic Association
* Choir
* Science Fair
* Math Pentathalon
* Rock Band
* French Culture
* Spanish
* Run Club
* Scouts
* Theater (One Act Play)
* Electives



With a wide variety of kits and activities, students learn about robotics, coding, circuitry, engineering, 3D printing, and much more.  Examples of makerspace activities can be found on